Who we are:

With our designers from Canada, Philippines and China, with our factories in Zhejiang and Anhui, we focus on designing, manufacturing and promoting Environmental Products including:

A. Functional Arts made of Recycled Wood

B. Birdhouses & Birdfeeders

C. Seasonal Gifts and Decors

What we offer:

Environmental Arts made of Recycled Wood:

Billions of trees are cut every year. Worldwide, some 26 hectares of forests are being lost every minute.Mankind is suffering the consequences, as this environmentally unsustainable practice is a contributing factor to global warming.Healthy, life giving forests may no longer exist for our children unless we reduce cutting and recycle wood for our uses. We, at Shenzhen Han Art Corp. Ltd., founder and exclusive manufacturer of Functional Art designed by Craig E.W. Anderson from Canada, are promoting environmentally responsible home living.

With your eco-conscious choice of our environmental products made from reclaimed wood, you have just joined us in fulfilling our mission to collectively make a positive impact to reduce deforestation and to bring uniquely crafted functional art to the world.

Due to the vast irregularities of weathered, recycled woods, each individual Functional Art piece is a “one of a kind”, varying in shape, color and texture. Our environmental recreation of Craig’s Functional Art will bring natural beauty and rustic charm into your home. Han Art and You! Saving our forests; Saving our planet!

Birdhouses and Birdfeeders:

Our wide selection of birdhouses & birdfeeders are designed to accommodate birds' needs and to give them comfort and protection they deserve. Birdhouses and birdfeeders from Hanart are made from natural materials.

While they are environmentally friendly they also provide beautiful decoration to give that perfect touch to any gorgeous garden or balcony.

Hanart birdhouses and birdfeeders can turn your backyard or terrace into a place where lots of beautiful birds can enjoy life freely. You could find everything for your bird loving needs in Han Art, --- the best choice for all your bird feeding and bird watching needs.

You can build them a better life, and we can help.

Come enjoy the beauty of nature with us!

Come and provide environmental products for our feathered friends!

Seasonal Gifts and Decors

We design, produce and export seasonal gifts and decors for 4seasons and all important festivals. Come and visit us at our website or showroom. You’ll have good surprises.